A hike


Last week we went out for a hike again. The weather was beautiful and we had no appointments. So we packed our stuff to enjoy a small picknick and drove out. An hour later we were in a completely different environment. And we weren’t the only ones. It was actually quite crowed.

The hike we had in mind was one of 11km, in Wolfheze. The girls had not walked such a distance before but we were confident this would work out, also because of the lunchbreak we envisioned somewhere around 8km. But during the whole hike we did not find one picknick spot that was not occupied. At every spot there were people resting and having lunch. So we only took a small break for lunch and we marched on.

The girls were enjoying every minute of it, probably thanks to the change in scenery. Every couple of km’s the scenery changed, from a (for us) ‘normal forrest’, to a dense forrest with small dirt roads, from open plains to a little swamp. Very nice. Actually one of the best hikes in our neighborhood. We were satisfied, as were the girls.

All shot with the X-T1 and the XF35mmF1.4