3rd party inspiration 2#: Patrick La Roque

This guy is truly an artist: Patrick La Roque. I think I stumbled upon him via a podcast or so. Or via the Kage Collective. Anyhow, his work is very inspirational. A documentary style of photography, but in a very special, intimate way. And most of the time in a abstract style.

I’ve read a lot of his blog posts on his own site, and the blog posts on the site of the Kage Collective. Most of the posts consist of a sort of introduction text, or verse. The content / his thoughts are mysterious. It feels like he is writing in a diary.  The thoughts are heavy/intense. Sometimes they feel like a struggle. The text is complemented with the beautiful ‘slices’ of his life: a small series of photographs. Moments. Memories.

Sometimes you can’t identify the subject of the photo. So abstract. Sometimes it’s an intimate family capture. But not a family photo as you would take. This truly feels like the moment that once was. These photos are a tool to trigger the memory. To reactivate the moment. Oddly, his ‘slices’ even trigger moments in my memory, of my past.

And it’s not like ‘just’ taking a picture of something mundane as a lawnmower. It’s the picture of the lawnmower, and the light, and the way how he captures the lawnmower, and the other photos in that series that complement the feeling; the memory. It truly triggers a feeling.


Some of the blog posts I’ve saved in my ‘Inspiration’ folder where I can turn to whenever I need to be inspired, when I want to learn and analyse how to take better photographs myself.

Thanks for your inspirational work, Patrick!