XF60mm needs repair

Last Friday I had to send my XF60mm2.4mm in for repair.
Something’s wrong with the aperture ring. I can’t set it to wide open. If I do, the camera behaves as if it is set to “Automatic Aperture” (P-Mode) and it will select an aperture itself.

This was going on for a while now, for F2.4. That was annoying, but lately I could not set it to F3.6 or wider. Since most of the time I’m shooting wide open, or close to that, this was not acceptable anymore and so I contacted Fujifilm.

It’ll probably not be back for at least 4 weeks or so…
Hoping on a save return. I really love that lens.

Also I’m really curious about the repair costs, since it is out of warranty.
I’ll keep you posted.



Why I bought my own printer


Years back, I used to have a photo printer. It was an Epson R1800. It was a decent printer. It was my first photo printer. I learned A LOT of printing. About different papers, ICC profiles, resizing, sharpening for print, proofing, wasting paper, wasting ink, the price of ink…

But I also learned I love printing myself. Being able to hold the photo. I love the matte papers, especially matte papers with a lot of texture. I love the ease of just printing one photo, because I don’t want to place an order with a photo lab for just one print. And most of the time the photo labs do not offer the paper type I love for smaller prints, like 20×30.

So when I picked up on my photography hobby again I soon wanted to invest in a photo printer. I did some research online and decided to want an Epson SC-P600. A really great printer, so it seemed. But I was still a bit hesitant. For a couple of months it lingered in my mind. That’s when I stumbled upon the following post of Kevin Mullins, a fantastic wedding photographer, and I decided to buy my own printer.


Strapless and bags

In my previous blog post I mentioned my love/hate relationship with a camera strap. When it’s on, it is always annoying me. When it’s off, I miss it because where do you put the camera when both hands are needed for another task …
A camera backpack I don’t like either. It doesn’t allow quick access and where do I leave the other stuff I need to take with me, like water, some food, a raincoat and stuff like that. 

So I bought a ThinkTank waist belt with two “skin pouches”. Now this is a set up I love. It allows easy access and I can still use a regular backpack for the non camera stuff I need to bring. I asked a shoemaker to sew a couple of small straps to my ‘old’ Lowe Pro sling bag. I didn’t cut the shoulder strap off, so that it still can be used without the belt. Using the small straps I can attach the sling bag to the waist belt as well, proving me with ample space for my full kit. When not needed, I can rotate the pouches out of the way. When needed, the pouches can be rotated to my front, allowing easy access!

I’ve tried this setup a couple of times now, and this does feel like a good solution!