XF 60 approaching

This week I did not do a lot of shooting. Too engaged with other stuff. I did call Fuji repair service…

The XF60, which is in repair, I did not hear of yet after weeks. I called Fuji repair and was told I can expect an email today or tomorrow. That was a week ago. So Thursday I called again. Same story… Friday I called again starting with sharing the information they provided earlier. They told me the email would be send within minutes. They did: eur 98,- for the repair and shipping. I approved.

Now waiting for the save return of my ‘portrait lens of choice’.

I haven’t used the XF60 a lot lately. I used to love it, as I like the 35mm. I used your use it for portraiture primarily. The XF35 I used as an allrounder, including environmental portraits. I’m really curious if this will change when I get the 60 back from repair. Maybe I’ll stick with the 35mm for now.

The last couple of days it was raining. Autumn is coming. I love it. It’s such a special mood. Wind, rain, getting cold, but not too cold. Of all seasons I like Autumn best. And sure, I don’t like getting wet when in the rain, but with proper clothes, who cares!

Just a couple of last days. Nothing too fancy. Just some moments.
Again, all shot with the X-T1 and the XF35mm.


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