XF60mm needs repair

Last Friday I had to send my XF60mm2.4mm in for repair.
Something’s wrong with the aperture ring. I can’t set it to wide open. If I do, the camera behaves as if it is set to “Automatic Aperture” (P-Mode) and it will select an aperture itself.

This was going on for a while now, for F2.4. That was annoying, but lately I could not set it to F3.6 or wider. Since most of the time I’m shooting wide open, or close to that, this was not acceptable anymore and so I contacted Fujifilm.

It’ll probably not be back for at least 4 weeks or so…
Hoping on a save return. I really love that lens.

Also I’m really curious about the repair costs, since it is out of warranty.
I’ll keep you posted.



Author: rolfaalders

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